Maintaining your SCUBA equipment

Introducing the DIVE N DRY

Weighing a little over 2kg, you'll hardly notice the difference in your Dive Bag. It comes with its own durable nylon bag and while its only 89cm long and 22cm wide when closed, it expands to an amazing height of 191cm and a footing radius of 48cm! Big enough to hold anyone's wet-suit!

Carry it with you to dive sites or keep it at home. When it's time to wash down and dry your equipment, you simply fold it out, put your equipment on, wash it all down and leave it to dry. No more using outdoor chairs, modified coat hangers or the bathroom. No more dive equipment getting in the way.

It holds, a wet or dry suit, BCD, fins, booties, mask, snorkel and reg's!

Hang it all, wash and forget.

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"I currently use about 8 hangers for my buddy and myself, finally something useful and portable for my post diving drying needs."

Christopher, United States

"My husband and I went on a 7-day Caribbean cruise and dove for 4 days straight. Our 2 Dive-N-Dry's helped us dry our gear without having to worry about things flying around and yet still having space to enjoy our surface interval on the balcony. Love your product!"

Yvonne, United States

"Hi guys thanks so much for the service you provided me and getting me a dive n dry for my partners birthday … he loved it!"

Sandra, Australia

"Looks pretty slick and like something I can use both for cleaning and hanging at the house after pool training, or take to the lake for the weekend."

Duane, United States

"I'm used to hanging my gear around the house driving my Mrs crazy. Handy piece of kit!"

Matt, Australia

Our Story

We (Daniel & Nigel) are two ordinary guys from Perth, Western Australia. We have been friends for may years and were inspired to get into SCUBA diving after a holiday to Thailand. We came home after the holiday and booked our PADI open water dive course. We enjoyed the first course so much that we basically went straight onto the advanced open water course.

Since completing our training we have been diving in many different locations around the world. We are lucky to have some amazing local sites, like Rottnest Island and Ningaloo Reef but have also been diving in Indonesia and Thailand.

We're the kind of guys that like to look after things (after all, we've spent our hard earned money on them) so we wash/rinse our equipment after each day's diving. The problem we had was that it was a time consuming chore and we lost the use of the bathroom or outdoor furniture to dry everything. Doing the clean up at the site and staying a little longer to enjoy it was not an option either. We went looking for a product to help us and when we couldn't find it, we set out creating one ourselves.